Addiction Treatment Centers

Addiction Treatment Centers

If you are worried about a loved one’s bad addiction habits, we are amongst the best addiction treatment centers having years of expertise in treating the worst of addiction cases in California. Addictions of all kinds are bad for you. Whether the addiction is that of any food item or alcohol, addictions of all kinds can be very harmful to you. This may not seem like a big deal in the short span but can have severe health damages in the long run. We, at Eleven Eleven Recovery, can help you get rid of harmful addictions like alcohol, illicit drugs, and other harmful substances with ease.

To provide a better recovery and wellness environment to the patients, we have different kinds of amenities at our Rehabilitation centers in california. From yoga spaces to rejuvenating parks and more, the ambiance of the recovery center is built in a way that soothes the patients every time.

We can take care of all your addictions ranging from short-spanned alcohol abuse to long-term substance abuse that requires residential care and utmost attention.

How does addiction treatment work?

Eleven Eleven Recovery is among the top and the best addiction treatment centers in California. The addiction treatment process at the wellness center starts with a diagnosis. As soon as the patient enters the premises of the recovery center, the doctors here perform a complete-body checkup. This checkup is done to determine the levels and history of toxins in the body of the patient. After this, the physiological factors related to the patient are also penned down for better division of a plan of treatment.
After analyzing different body reports, the doctor recommends a plan of action for the treatment. If the caretaker of the patient or guardian accepts the plan, then the required steps are taken by the center experts. Generally, a period of 30 days is sufficient to get rid of a minute or mild level of addiction. However, this tenure may increase according to the situation of the patient and the interest of the guardians.
The guardian can either stop after the completion of the treatment or keep the patient in sober homes for a better and retainable recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Addiction Treatment Centers

Your doubts define your interest in the addiction treatment centers and the below FAQs will allow us to quench your doubts.
What are the different types of addictions that the program can treat?
The experts and counselors at Eleven Eleven Recovery have years of experience helping and treating harmful addictions of almost all kinds. Hence, we can cure any type of addiction or its repercussions/aftermaths as per your requirements. Different kinds of substances like marijuana, cocaine, heroin and even alcohol have shown different effects on the body of a human. Apart from the body, such substances also degrade and dismantle the physiological behavior and thinking pattern of an individual.
Hence, you need one of the best addiction treatment centers that can take care of your addiction and its effects on your body. We, at Eleven Eleven Recovery, examine the physical as well as psychological factors related to the patient, and with the help of the tenure of the addiction, devise an accurate treatment plan that best will not only cure the patient but also hold him back from relapsing.
What types of therapies do you offer at Eleven Eleven Recovery?
Eleven Eleven Recovery has been the first choice for addiction treatment for different residents of California. To treat such addictions, we use a set of individual and group counseling sessions for the best results. Apart from that, the experts here also use other proven traditional and modern sets of therapies, more advanced than most addiction treatment centers
The suitability of the therapy depends upon the addiction history of the patient. Hence, we also consider and offer holistic therapy sessions that include activities related to yoga, workouts, exercises, music, art, even equine, and numerous other forms of therapies, sessions, and programs to help the patient treat better and more efficiently.
Does Eleven Eleven Recovery offer any aftercare or sober home facilities?
We understand and believe that just getting the cure and treatment of addiction may not be enough for the patients. Hence, we are one of those few addiction treatment centers that offer aftercare and sober home facilities to everyone if required. Using these homes, one can gently transition to the normal world after the treatment.
Such sober homes also ensure that the patient does not relapse. For this, we encourage the patients to become a part of different local communities. This allows the patient to interact with other sober individuals with a history of addiction. If you don’t wish to continue in the sober home, we still offer after-treatment services and assistance to the patient so that he/she follows a better lifestyle.
The guided aftercare program from Eleven Eleven Recovery is a must-have to complete the addiction treatment.
Are you and your staff certified or licensed?
Yes, we are amongst the government-certified and licensed addiction treatment centers that offer addiction treatment, alcohol recovery, drug rehabilitation, and other related services to the residents of California and otherwise. All the personnel, doctors, and other experts at our premises helping with the treatment of addiction are certified and experienced as well.
The treatment facility at Eleven Eleven Recovery is also licensed to perform by the government of the United States of America.
Does Eleven Eleven Recovery offer the “12-step program” for addiction treatment?
Yes, under the extensive care and treatment for addiction at Eleven Eleven Recovery, we take the help of the 12-step program for narcotics, alcohol, and other illicit drug treatment. Apart from this, the treatment of the patient, we take the help of advanced wellness and workout machines.