Drug Treatment Centers Near Me

Drug Treatment and Rehab Centers Near Me To Help Your Loved Ones

The drug problem is quite common in the USA. California is amongst the worst hit states in the country having over 10% of residents using illicit drugs on average. The condition is becoming worse as the days pass by. We see our loved ones getting entrapped in this addiction and feel helpless as there it seems like there is nothing you can do to help them. However, this is not the case. You can help your beloved get over this horrific addition of drugs with the help of drug treatment centers near me.
Eleven Eleven Recovery has been working dedicatedly for years towards this motto of making California a drug-free state. We treat patients with all kinds of drug problems including marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and more.
Eleven Eleven Recovery can be the best option for you if you are looking for a wellness center for drug rehab near me. Here you will easily find the type of drug rehabilitation services that are best suited for your loved ones.
The treatment packages at Eleven Eleven recovery include almost every type of treatment option. Here’s how everything works for the quick and effective wellness of your family members or friends with the drug rehab near me.

How Does the Treatment Work?

If talked about the exact procedure of the treatment for drug rehabilitation, then the process varies according to the intensity and severity of the drug abuse. First, the number of days for the rehabilitation program suited for the patient is fixed. Generally, a period of 30 days for the treatment is sufficient for the patients, this schedule can be changed if necessary. The patenting or the caretaker may also get the period increased to 60, 90, or above days if they feel the same way.
What’s even better are the cutting-edge treatment equipment and machines used in the drug treatment centers near me. With the help of such advanced machines and wellness programs, you get the surety that your loved one is getting treated the way he deserves in the center. The transition and the initiation of the wellness program may seem a bit scary to you, however, it is not at all scary at Eleven Eleven Recovery.
The moment you pull up and get seated near the admissions counter at the drug rehab near me, you will be taken to the medical examination unit for the determination of toxins in the body and the recovery period required to get over the same.
Under the treatment process, the patient will be treated using workout machines, wellness programs, grief, prevention, and various other certified and tested techniques for wellness.
We conduct both individual and group therapies for better results.
The holistic therapy and wellness programs at Eleven Eleven Recovery include

Art Therapy
Psychodrama Therapy
Equine Therapy
Recreational Therapy Activities
Music Therapy
Nutrition and Fitness

rehab centers near me
Apart from holistic, you will also get the advantages of different approaches at the drug rehab near me for proceeding to wellness plans. Such therapy approaches include:
Dialectical Behavior Therapy
Trauma Focused Therapy
Men’s addiction treatment
EMDR Therapy
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (European therapeutic background integrated)
Solution-Focused Therapy
Gender-Specific Treatment
Women’s Addiction treatment

What are the Types of Programs Included in Eleven Eleven Recovery?

Different users demand different types of programs in the drug treatment centers near me. Some are inpatient seekers while others just need assistance to handle and care for the patient. Thankfully, we at Eleven Eleven Recovery, provide multiple kinds of programs to you.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

First, and the most commonly selected program under the services for drug rehab near me is the inpatient program. Just like its name, under the inpatient program, we take in the patient for you. We have multiple treatment centers, doctors, counselors, and experts having years of experience in treating and dealing with patients gently and effectively.
Various factors are taken into consideration by these experts like mental state, physical well-being, history of drug intake, relapse potential, gender, etc. to devise a suitable routine under the program for the patient.
We do not depend on the medications alone for the treatment and hence take help from physical exercises and yoga for quick and healthy recovery.

Outpatient Drug Rehab

In the drug rehab near me, you can also choose the outpatient program. However, the outpatient program at Eleven Eleven Recovery is offered and provided based on abstinence. If the condition of the patient is strong and willing, then we provide different kinds of services under the outpatient program.
If the patient or the guardian of the patient feels that the patient will show positive results from the active guidance and support of an expert rather than the extensive inpatient program, then he/she can select the outpatient program for ease. Under the program, the experts will provide 24*7 support to the patient for sobriety. Apart from this, the expert will also be in contact with the patient regularly.
To motivate the patient for sobriety, we will provide an opportunity to join the local recovery community. Here, the patient can track as well as share his sobriety with other sobers for better interaction.

Other Programs Offered at the Drug Rehab Near Me

Apart from the inpatient and outpatient programs, Eleven Eleven Recovery is also popular for other specialized programs. Some of these are:

Sober Homes

Just like the name, Sober Homes are offered to the patients to help them against relapse. The patient can relapse due to one or more reasons and hence at the drug treatment centers near me we offer Sober Homes where the patient gets a comfortable stay to retain sobriety.

Professionals Program

Drug treatment for professionals like doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc. can be tough. Hence, we offer a professional program as well dedicated to treating working professionals. Under the program, apart from inpatient services, we conduct group sessions and other beneficial programs to help professionals in career restoration.

Opioid Treatment Program

The personnel at Eleven Eleven Recovery, the best drug rehab near me, are also experts in Opioid Treatment using a twelve-step COR-12 procedure to get rid of Opioid addiction. From educational sessions to therapies, we provide medication-assisted treatment (MAT) to the patient for a better and stable recovery from the addiction.