NYSHIP Rehab Coverage

NYSHIP Rehab Coverage Accepted
at Eleven 11 Recovery

If you have NYSHIP rehab coverage and you need a rehab center in Orange County that accepts NYSHIP insurance, we at Eleven 11 Recovery are here for your needs. We have flown many of our clients from New York; and we will do the same for you. NYSHIP is a very recovery friendly company and you will be pleased that they cover your treatment in full. Substance use disorder is a medical condition that affects the brain and can harm various aspects of life, such as work, relationships, and family. While some people try to overcome addiction independently, attempting to quit cold turkey is often ineffective and potentially dangerous. It is advisable to seek professional treatment for the best chance of recovery. We accept all out-of-network and PPO plans via NYSHIP.

Choosing a reputable treatment facility for substance use disorder is important. However, high-quality treatment centers can be costly, leading many individuals to delay seeking help. Instead of postponing treatment, utilizing your insurance coverage to access the treatment you need is recommended. Many insurance plans include substance use disorder and addiction coverage, enabling you to receive necessary treatment. NYSHIP is an excellent insurance firm that will help you with your coverage.

Eleven 11 Recovery is one of the treatment facilities within the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP) network. As an NYSHIP drug rehab facility, Eleven 11 Recovery accepts NYSHIP Empire Plan insurance and provides comprehensive treatment options for individuals struggling with substance use disorder.y

NYSHIP’s Rehab Coverage Benefits for 

Alcohol and Drug Treatment

Since 1957, NYSHIP has been a well-known health insurance provider. NYSHIP rehab coverage was initially created to offer affordable medical services to public employers and employees in New York. However, over time, NYSHIP has gained a strong reputation as a top insurance program in the entire United States. NYSHIP offers different plans and policies tailored to individual needs. Their Empire Plan is designed to provide various benefits and options for people dealing with substance abuse. You can access addiction treatment services like inpatient care and counseling through the Empire Plan.

With the Empire Plan, you will be responsible for paying 10% of your medical expenses until you reach a maximum limit. After that, your NYSHIP coverage benefits will take effect, enabling you to receive the necessary treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. To make the most of your benefits, choosing drug rehab facilities within the NYSHIP network is important. These facilities are certified professionals who accept NYSHIP insurance. The extensive NYSHIP network ensures you can find a facility that suits your specific needs and circumstances. We accept NYSHIP insurance so contact us today!

What NYSHIP Insurance Will Pay For

NYSHIP provides comprehensive coverage for drug and alcohol treatment, including inpatient and outpatient services, family counseling, and prescription medications with the Empire Plan.

  • Inpatient Services: Receive 24/7 care at a facility for detox, counseling, and medications. NYSHIP covers inpatient services for 1-3 months, including medically necessary treatments.
  • Outpatient Services: Get flexible care while continuing with daily responsibilities. NYSHIP covers outpatient services for those who have completed inpatient treatment or have a less severe addiction, including therapy.
  • Family Counseling: NYSHIP offers coverage for family counseling through the Empire Plan, allowing up to 20 sessions per year to address addiction as a family.
  • Prescription Medications: NYSHIP covers prescribed medications needed for detoxification and recovery, as determined by doctors.

What is the Duration of Rehab Coverage with NYSHIP Insurance?

The length of time NYSHIP covers your treatment depends on factors like your plan, the severity of your addiction, and what doctors think is necessary for your recovery.

  • Coverage for Inpatient Treatment: NYSHIP generally covers inpatient services for one to three months. Doctors in the NYSHIP network will assess your addiction severity and decide how long you need treatment. The Empire Plan covers what is considered medically necessary.
  • Coverage for Outpatient Treatment: There is no fixed length of coverage for outpatient treatment. Doctors in the network will work with you to determine the support you need to start recovering.
  • Coverage for Family Counseling: NYSHIP covers up to 20 annual family counseling sessions with the Empire Plan.
  • Copay and Deductible: With the Empire Plan, you pay 10% of medical expenses through copayments until you reach the maximum annual coinsurance amount. After reaching that maximum, NYSHIP covers the treatment.
  • Policy Differences: Individual policies can vary based on the person, location, and addiction severity. Always check your policy details for NYSHIP’s coverage specific to your situation.

If you’re unsure about your policy, contact NYSHIP customer service or speak to facilities in the NYSHIP network. They can help you understand your coverage and available options.

Eleven 11 Recovery Accepts NYSHIP Insurance

Eleven 11 Recovery is a high-end drug and alcohol treatment center and provides an aftercare program in Orange County that works with NYSHIP. We specialize in helping those struggling with drug addiction and dual diagnosis, offering various services to meet individual needs. Our programs include intensive outpatient programs, outpatient drug and alcohol treatment, family support, and aftercare planning. We provide treatment for drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and dual diagnosis, incorporating holistic approaches for comprehensive healing.

We address addiction from all angles, using evidence-based treatments tailored to each patient. We take the time to understand every individual, creating personalized plans to suit their specific needs. With our supportive community and luxurious amenities, those dealing with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or dual diagnosis can receive the treatment necessary to start their journey to recovery.

If you or a loved one has the NYSHIP Empire Plan and is struggling with substance use disorder, contact Eleven 11 Recovery today. We are here to discuss treatment options and provide information on policy specifics, guiding you toward the treatment you need.