Recovery Centers of America

Eleven Eleven recovery wants to promote a community that prioritizes mental health. We envision a world where everyone accepts addiction as a normal part of life. People who require assistance in achieving happiness and/or health are viewed as human beings capable of growth and development rather than as defective or lacking. People with vulnerabilities treated are more likely to be resilient in the face of stressors that could cause them harm or pain.We want to create an environment where every individual has easy access to resources that can help them improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being, thereby strengthening communities and families.We help our clients understand their past and create a new future for themselves, transforming their lives and ensuring long-term recovery.

Features of Our Rehabilitation Centre

  • Group and family therapy benefit patients by making them feel more at ease while they are away from home.
  • We offer energizing programmes to our patients to help them recover faster.
  • Lifetime Services are provided at no cost. We don’t just help patients get better; we also offer free follow-up services to ensure they don’t have problems after their treatments are finished.
  • Patients are treated as family members in a peaceful and lovely setting as nature plays an essential role in their lives andsurrounds them to heal from the inside out.
  • Our patients can rely on the support and assistance of our highly trained and compassionate staff members round the clock.
  • Every resident is thoroughly surveyed by a team of experts who have overcome their alcohol and drug addictions. As a result, they will feel energized and inspired and relieved that someone understands their anxiety and sadness.

What Treatments/Programs Do We Offer?

Our facilities’ addiction treatment and recovery programmes include everything from lodging and meals to private or group counselling sessions, mindfulness and fitness therapies, massages, and aftercare planning. All of these services are combined in the treatment cost.Our centre provides one of the best addiction treatment approaches to help our clients live better and healthier lives. Some of the few examples of our excellent addiction treatment programmes:
Using current research, our facility has developed a variety of broad, multidisciplinary residential agendas tailored to each resident’s specific needs. Our therapists all use psychotherapy and holistic therapy as their primary treatment methods. Yoga and meditation are examples, as are Art Therapy, Music Therapy, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). Additionally, we use a variety of treatment options supported by strong scientific evidence and designed to improve our client’s outcomes. A library, fitness centre, game room, swimming pool, spa, jogging track, and other unique amenities set our facility apart from the competition. A tennis court, a net cricket court, and a swimming pool are also available.
Furthermore, our assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.We go above and beyond to treat our patients and clients with dignity and respect. On your arrival, you arewarmly welcomed by members of our team who are committed to your comfort and well-being. We are pleased to guide you along the way as long as you have the courage and strength to pursue recovery.
Addiction treatment begins in an inpatient facility with medical stabilization and detoxification and then progresses in stages as the patient achieves specific clinical milestones. Our inpatient rehabilitation programme includes the following services:
  • Assessment/evaluation
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Seminars
  • Co-occurring mental health conditions treatment services
  • LGBTQ+ support groups for those experiencing pain, grief, or loss.
  • Facilitation Therapy in 12 Steps
  • Health and well-being-promoting activities (fitness, yoga, water sports)
  • Therapeutic services
  • Customized EMDR therapy
  • Specialized Programs

    Opioid Addiction Program:The Comprehensive Opioid Response with Twelve Steps (COR-12®) programme is available for those suffering from an opioid use disorder. Individual and group therapy and educational sessions are provided to patients as part of the COR-12 treatment programme.
    Professional Program: Our Professionals programme includes special group sessions with other professionals and one-on-one counselling sessions with a counsellor to address career restoration, licencing and/or monitoring issues, and professional practice and reputation issues.
    Non-Hospital Rehabilitation: Eleven 11 Recovery’s outpatient alcohol and drug rehabilitation programmes are based on a 12-Step abstinence philosophy and employ only scientifically validated treatment methods. It may include Virtual and In-Person High-Intensity Outpatient Program, Virtual and In-Person High-Intensive, Outpatient Program, Low-Intensity Outpatient Group and/or Sober Living.

    Objectives of Our Program

    The objectives of our program are mentioned below:
  • To assist people in overcoming their addiction and returning to a normal life.
  • Enable you to perform all your daily work without any help
  • Help patients to walk and talk freely with friends and family
  • Make the residents enjoy life to its fullest.
  • What Sets Us Apart?

    We provide an unconventional and cutting-edge treatment plan for our patients. Adults, both men and women, can expect and receive healing at our centre, which is why we are dedicated to offering these life services. Those whose lives have been shattered by constant vitriol and addiction will find comfort and assistance. Our treatment methods and techniques are always beneficial to our residents. We’ve worked tirelessly over the years to provide the most innovative and effective research-supported development in addiction treatment while never deviating from our goal of providing continuous subsidies for our patients to achieve successful and long-term recovery.Furthermore, we ensure that every aspect of our treatment demonstrates to our patients how much we value and appreciate them so that they can fully recover and be even more admirable.

    FAQs :-

  • What is an inpatient rehab program?
  • Ans. An inpatient rehab programletsthe patient stay at the centre, where he/she gets food and lodging facilities. It includes 27×7 medical care, emotional support, freedom from outside triggers etc.
    1. How does eleven eleven recovery centre help clients?
    Ans. Our customized treatment plan assists our clients in making sense of their past and creating a new future for themselves to change lives and ensure long-term recovery.
    1. What treatment procedure is followed at eleven eleven recovery?
    During our program, we first recognize the biological, environmental, behavioural, and social causes and consequences of drug use and addiction. Secondly, we develop a customized recovery plan to achieve and maintain meaningful and long-term recovery.Third, during the program’s implementation, we constantly monitor the patient by engaging them in various activities and interactive sessions.Finally, oncethe patient gets treated, we offer lifetime aftercare service to him/her.
    1. Is detoxification painful?
    Ans. Detoxification can be a complicated process, but with the assistance of professional medical care provided by eleven eleven recovery, it can be made easier. In addition, prescriptions for pain relief may be given during detox.
    1. How many times should I appear during my outpatient program?
    Ans.An outpatient programme may allow you to come in only a few days a week for daily check-ins, depending on your addiction, location and other factors.